Philadelphia Armed Security in Demand

Due to an increase in crime, many business owners are turning to armed security services to protect their business, employees and customers.

Pennsylvania Act 235 Certified Agents have become the front line against Philadelphia’s rising violent crimes. Philadelphia Armed Security Agents are usually employed by Licensed Private Investigations and Security Agencies which contract services to commercial and residential entities. Philadelphia Armed Security service is a very competitive field with some unlicensed “agencies” taking a significant piece of the pie. Unlicensed “agencies” are masquerading around under the disguise of legitimate licensed companies. It’s extremely important to request proof of licensure when hiring Armed Security Services for your business. Any person can obtain a business name and market themselves as a security company. Pennsylvania requires a company to have a “Private Detective License” to legally offer Security Services. Many of these unlicensed “agencies” will eventually come to light and face the consequences which include large fines and possible jail time. Your business is also at stake financially! Should an incident occur while you are contracting with an unlicensed security agency, you will also be held liable for damages. Please request proof of licensure! is the Security Division of A+ Investigations & Protection, a Pennsylvania Licensed, Bonded and Insured Private Detective and Security Agency. Our Armed Philadelphia Security Agents are trained, certified and insured. Our rates are very fair and our services are backed by our commitment to serve you! Get a free quote today!

NRA calls for Armed School Security Officers

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun – is a good guy with a gun.”

This is the reality of the situation. As stated in a previous post (here), an Active Shooter needs to be confronted and the threat needs to be terminated immediately! There is not time to assess the situation and plan a response while the attack is in progress. A course of action needs to be pre-planned and a capable Armed School Security Officer or Team must be available to immediately carry-out the plan of action and STOP THE THREAT!

Our great Men and Women of the police force will drop everything and respond to an Active Shooter Event but, within the time local police arrive on scene, so many things can go wrong and so many lives can be lost.

Schools should use rocks against Active Shooters?

How can this happen? How can our schools be left with no other options? Using rocks to defend against an active shooter is outrageous!

Finances, laws and politics are leaving our children exposed. Schools are being left unprotected and without options to safeguard our precious children. Some may say “If I were that school superintendent, I would do what I want.” It isn’t that easy when there are higher powers limiting your abilities and you may face termination and possible criminal prosecution.

How can this be fixed? Well, we don’t have all the answers but, we do have a possible solution. Well-trained, former or current law enforcement officers to be employed as School Security Guards. This is the most affordable and sensible option. You cannot rely on rocks to stop an active shooter. An active shooter must be confronted and the threat must be terminated immediately!

Pennsylvania Schools Armed Security

Frightening times are calling for schools to make tough choices. It’s not easy being a parent and now we have to worry about our children’s safety when they go to school. As school violence is becoming more common, it seems that placing well-trained Armed Security Guards in schools may be the most affordable and sensible option. Why not place local police officers in the schools? The issue comes down to finances in many cases. That’s why A+ Investigations & Protection can offer to provide Pennsylvania School Security at affordable rates.

Would you trust a Private Security Guard to protect your children? Of course there are concerns about training and character, that’s why we only utilize Experienced former or current law enforcement to fill such roles. Along with former Law Enforcement Training and State Mandated Training, our Pennsylvania Security Officers undergo additional in-house training provided by certified instructors.

If my children’s school has a Security Officer, I want it to be one of my Pennsylvania School Security Officers!