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Did you receive a “Patrol Service Notice”?

When a Resident or Business requests the organization of a local Security Patrol in their area, we distribute “Patrol Service Notice” flyers to all surrounding businesses and/or Residents within a mile radius of the initial requester, to notify them of the request. We do this because the participation of other Residents and/or Businesses are necessary to fund the patrol and keep the cost low for all involved. To begin a patrol, it is necessary to obtain a minimum of 25 supporters/subscribers.

Subscribing to our 24-Hr Security Patrol Service is over 80% cheaper than the cost of hiring a full-time (40-hrs a week) Armed Security Guard.

There will be a deadline to subscribe which will be 15 days prior to the scheduled start of the patrol. Every ninety days there will be a 10-day period advertised during which we will accept new subscribers for each sector. Sectors are how each patrol area is distinguished. Each sector is about 2-miles in radius.

Open Sectors are listed below along with monthly subscription price. To subscribe to your sector, click the sector and complete the form displayed. 1st month payment is required immediately.

Security Guards PA Patrol Vehicle
Security Patrol Vehicle

You Subscription includes:

24-Hour Security Service

24-hour Security Availability with at least four (4) visits to your property during each 24-hour period. During each visit, the Agent will drive around the property and conduct an interior foot patrol if requested. Visits during nights and weekends will include the Agent checking all doors to your property and investigating any unauthorized persons and/or vehicles. Proper authorities will be contacted when necessary.

Personnel assigned to the patrol are ACT 235 Certified Agents by the Pennsylvania State Police. Each Agent has Law Enforcement, Military and/or Proven Armed Security Experience, as well as extensive training and certification in every piece of equipment they carry. Agents also receive training in Dealing with the Public, De-Escalation, Responding to Emergencies, Report Writing, Legal Use of Force, CPR, First Aid and AED, and more.

Direct 24-hour Contact with Patrol Vehicle

The patrol vehicle will be equipped with a cell phone enabling subscribers to contact the patrol agent 24hrs a day for assistance. We can provide escort to and from vehicle for late night office visits. Don’t remember if you locked your door? No problem – we can check for you!

Free Alarm Response

As a business owner you’ve probably experienced the frustration of paying fees to the borough for alarm response. As part of your subscription, we will include five (5) free alarm responses ($550 value) each month. The agent will investigate the alarm and contact you, the alarm company and police if necessary. You will need to provide the patrol phone number to your alarm company.

Free Vehicle Battery Jump

Whether you or a customer experiences the unfortunate event of a dead vehicle battery on your property, we have a battery pack and can provide a jumpstart.

Free Car Lockout Service

Accidentally left your keys in the car? We have tools to help gain access to your vehicle. Identification must be shown and will be recorded before this service is provided.

Disorderly Persons Removal Assistance

Is someone becoming hostile and refusing to leave your business? We understand that many people are uncomfortable dealing with confrontation. We will respond to your location and assist with removal of the individual. Physical Force is always a last option. Our Agents are trained to verbally de-escalate and gain compliance without resorting to physical force unless completely necessary. In most situations, the Agent can simply ensure everyones safety while awaiting the arrival of police.

Disgruntled Employee Termination Assistance

Are you planning for an employee termination and are concerned about the safety of your staff and/or co-workers? We will offer a presence during the termination process and ensure the safety of all involved.

Bank Deposit Escorts

Do you need to make a large cash deposit at a local bank? We can escort you to the bank and wait till you are inside. The bank must be within 2 miles of your property. Once you are safely inside the bank, the patrol will leave.

Unauthorized Vehicle Removal Assistance

Is there a vehicle parked on your property in an unauthorized area? Give us a call and our Agents will first attempt to locate the driver. If unsuccessful at locating the driver, we will make the necessary contact to have the vehicle removed. Parking spaces must be clearly marked and “No Parking” or “Reserved” signs must be posted to use this service.

Discounted Additional Security Services

As a subscriber, you have access to discounted security services for any emergencies, special events or holidays. 

Open Sectors

Sector 5: 24-hr Patrol - Wyomissing / Spring Ridge

Deadline to Subscribe: Dec 16th, 2022
Patrol Start Date: January 1st, 2023
Monthly Subscription: $1,500 (1st month due immediately)

Click the Map above to subscribe.