Frightening times are calling for schools to make tough choices. It’s not easy being a parent and now we have to worry about our children’s safety when they go to school. As school violence is becoming more common, it seems that placing well-trained Armed Security Guards in schools may be the most affordable and sensible option. Why not place local police officers in the schools? The issue comes down to finances in many cases. That’s why A+ Investigations & Protection can offer to provide Pennsylvania School Security at affordable rates.

Would you trust a Private Security Guard to protect your children? Of course there are concerns about training and character, that’s why we only utilize Experienced former or current law enforcement to fill such roles. Along with former Law Enforcement Training and State Mandated Training, our Pennsylvania Security Officers undergo additional in-house training provided by certified instructors.

If my children’s school has a Security Officer, I want it to be one of my Pennsylvania School Security Officers!